Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is our first sketch of our balloon car. Don't be shocked of the ugliness, but its okay:) In this picture there are a lot of things that you can see.
1) wings
2) the balloon is inside the car
3) the roof on top of the car; covering the balloon, holding it in from expanding.
BUT, no worries. We have the solutions.
The wings are put there so that it is aerodynamic. As you see many groups are also putting that, but we all have the same idea; so that the car is able to go the distance. As for the balloon in the car, we put it inside. The reason for that is so the balloon isn't able to move all over the place, making the car do the same. At, this point your probably asking, 'why is there a roof on top and how is the balloon going to get filled with air?' That's what we said, until our friend Aaron gave us a couple suggestions. This got us thinking and we decided to make the roof out of plastic lamenate, so it is able to move and let the balloon expand to the greatest diameter. To support the plastic lamenate so it does not stick to the balloon, we will be using wire ties to keep the shape. The sides will be made of cardboard and same with the wings. The wheels will be used from a previous car. WE HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS !!!

I know you are asking what happened with the wood idea? Well, we both agree it would be easier to use materials we can get, rather than screwing and cutting wood to make our car. It would also be way SAFER!

WAIT!! How could I forget?!..We would also use something heavy, to keep the car down. BUT not to heavy that the car isn't able to move with the one balloon.

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