Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marking Scheme for Balloon Car

A Car achieves intended result
Car travels 3.00 m
0 35 40 45 50 /50

B Car design
Car constructed well
Car traveled in a straight line
Car was fast (crossed 3m mark in 5s)
Car exceeded distance requirement
Car makes creative use of appropriate materials
Car is aesthetically pleasing
Aerodynamics considered in the design
Car was an original creation and not a frame of a toy car

C Booklet
Booklet was organized
Scientific concept was followed
Well organized and neatly typed
Blueprints were neatly drawn
Observation of previous failed trials were described
Time trials were recorded in table form

the begining of a new project

Well, we have just gotten our first assignment for our balloon car 1)To choose names,2)make sure the car can pass 5 meters and 3)of course pass this thing!! My partner and I are thinking of ideas to make our car the best and the fastest, plus also keeping in mind that if we don't pass the 5 meter line, we are going to get a 0/50. Which we do NOT want. As you see our name is TINE-Na because it represents the ending of our first names. We will keep you updated if anything changes...